how do boys actually dry their ducks after they shower like

do you just grab it in the towel and roll it between your hands like a dough snake

or do you swing it around to air dry

I need to know


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More “Here’s To The Kids” Here
1. Don’t ever tell anyone they look tired.
2. Help people, and if you offer to help someone, follow through.
3. Be kind to people who work in retail and food service.
4. Let someone know you’re not interested.
5. Actually “hang out sometime.”
6. Be a little more honest.
7. Stop calling each other mean names on the internet.
8. Send more letters (not emails) and gifts.
9. Give more genuine complements.
10. Have more patience while waiting in lines. 10 Little Things We Can Do To Make Life Easier For Each Other, Almie Rose  (via rdevine)

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Perhaps we’ll meet again when we’re better for each other. Ten Word Poem #6 via (poemsbysmm)

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